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Entering 2022, similar to the start of each New Year, we are reminded of the past goals we have accomplished and the ones we still aim to complete.

My commitment to education compels me to start my year off thinking about how I may contribute even more to assisting other educators and children to achieve their aspirations. The journey ahead of us is filled with resolutions and new goals to achieve. I too, have personal and professional goals for each year and I work hard to fulfill them. They are like lamps on my journey throughout the year guiding my path towards a destination of enlightened change. This year, I invite you to explore the concept of what effort it takes for us to move “Towards a More Perfect Education.” This is a simple idea yet, one that challenges so many of us in the education field.

What does it mean to work “Towards a More Perfect Education?” Is it achievable? When we work towards achieving something important, we may not reach the end goal by the end of the year nor two years or three years. But as long as the work is being done with the end in mind, we will ultimately reach the destination – an education system that works best for our young boys and girls. Continuously taking steps "Towards a More Perfect Education" should be at the forefront of the educational leadership agenda in every country. Monthly and yearly, there should be evidence of progressive change for the betterment of our young people as each generation matriculates. This growth becomes a beacon for new leaders in education to carry on the steadfast commitment and responsibility we have to continuously advance the educational system. Then, we will understand that it is not the goal or the end that matters so much as is the process, the yearly grind towards services, accommodations, policy change, parental involvement, teacher quality, and school leadership.

Working "Towards a More Perfect Education" calls for greater focus on collaboration among educators beyond our cities and countries, stretching across the globe. Just as technology devices are used to share TikTok videos and lip-syncing memes, or YouTube is used to educate people on a lot of DIY projects internationally, so too educators are in control of forming global teams to share instructional ideas and educational tools for greater emphasis on educational attainment of students. Last year, I wrote about this in an article calling for a Global Learning Community among educators. This year, I will be assembling many educational practitioners together in the name of exploring, cross-collaborating and working to realize a More Perfect Education. Local schools need to focus on their partnerships to develop invested communities. Strong community presence in schools result in much more personal responsibility exercised by teachers and families ensuring the quality education our young people receive which restores the community’s image of schools as a place of valued learning.

Our education systems must leverage every resource and personnel at its disposal including, both locally and internationally, to enhance the practical role education plays in the lives of our youth to ensure the future prosperity of these global citizens. Formidable efforts to this end include creating opportunities for students to explore ways of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) in various subject areas, not just for gaming and browsing the internet on their smart devices. Value for learning should be approached from an appreciation for accurate history of all people, inclusive of Asian, Indian, African, Persian, Latin, and all indigenous countries, as well as the customarily European and American perspectives. A complete history helps to strengthen the personal value held by and gives purpose to the people studied.

The charter of “Towards a More Perfect Education” is to evolve our education system in ways that are locked in step with the times. As we advance and become more knowledgeable about history and STEAM education, we do better at educating others in those fields that are the driving force for innovation.

To this end, on January 24, 2022, the first of three seminars will be held to discuss educational concepts exploring how educators are working “Towards a More Perfect Education”.

Dr Dwayne Dyce is the founder and CEO of Education Solutions International and host of EduTalk. Send feedback to

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